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Say goodbye to manually checking your data. Get insightful reports & performance alerts pushed straight to your team & stakeholders in Slack, Email & Teams.

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Weekly KPI report.
Conversion rate alert triggered.
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Sam can you look into this anomaly?

Supported data-sources:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4
Google Ads
Google Search Console

Custom Report Builder

Advanced customisation

Extract deep insights with easy to use tools including segmentation and filtering.

Performance report with chart edit selected. Chart settings selection.
Essential metrics template tile. Revenue template tile. Social media template tile. eCommerce template tile. Landing page performance template tile. Facebook template tile. New users template tile. Search trends template tile. Performance template tile.
Landing page performance template tile.

Template Setup

Get instant value with pre-made templates

Cut straight to the metrics that matter most with pre-made report templates.

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AI Alerts

Avoid costly mistakes with AI powered anomaly detection

  1. AI detects issues before humanly possible by constantly analysing your data.

  2. When a significant difference from the expected behaviour is detected, you will receive an alert straight to your team.

  3. Root cause analysis takes the time out of investigating the possible causes of the anomaly.

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Alerts for Google Analytics
Website metric monitoring live status. Anomaly alert triggered.

Live Status

Business Health Dashboard

  1. Get an instant snapshot into the health of your organization.

  2. A single dashboard to monitor multiple websites and teams.

  3. Metric breakdowns indicate where action is needed.


What our customers are saying

Great product, love the insights provided in Slack!

Weverton Timoteo

CTO at SourceLevel

Easy way to follow up Google Analytics and share the insights with your team.

Anna Pogrebniak

Marketing at AddSearch

User-friendly product. I love their Slack integration.

Vladislav Podolyako

Founder at Belkins & Folderly

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Get alerted at the first sign of trouble

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Consolidate your data

Forget checking multiple platforms. Support for GA4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Search console and more.

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