Introducing Live Status

We have now launched our Live Status page, a single destination for all your recently activated alerts.

Live Status interface

This solves a few pain points users have experienced.

  1. A historical overview of all alerts
  2. A single place to manage existing alerts
  3. A cohesive look at the business health of your organization

So how does it work?

If you have alerts already added to your account, just click the Live Status link in the side navigation to view your alerts in a new way. You will immediately be able to view past alerts and any that might be active.

If you have not yet added alerts, you can still use the Live Status page. Just navigate to the page and follow the onboarding setup process. Your business will be set up with a basic set of alerts to help you get a first look at what comes next.

Historical Alerts

Historical alerts in the Live Status Page

With the Live Status page, a simple overview of historical alerts is available. Click or tap the toggle arrow in the top right of any alert to see a preview of the alert.

The preview includes a thumbnail of the graph, as well as why the alert was triggered.

Within the historical timeline you can also quickly resolve past alerts once you’ve sorted through them with your team.


Alert Detail View

The Alert Detail View within the Live Status page is a way to dig deeper into your alert and send it to the channel that makes sense for the context of the alert.

For example, you can send an alert like an increase in ecommerce conversion rate directly to the marketing team using one of the built in connectors on the page.

Live Status is available for any level account, including our free tier. Get started or login to give Alerts & the Live Status page a try today.

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