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Google Analytics 4 report template.

GA4 essential metrics report

Get a high level overview of your site’s performance with this Google Analytics 4 report. See who is visiting your site, where they are coming from and how they are engaging.

Google Analytics 4

Facebook ads report template for top performing ads.

Top performing creatives Facebook ads report

This Facebook report template helps you to uncover which products are driving the highest cost per purchase. See how many purchases were made, the cost per creative, CTR and your top performing campaigns.

Facebook Ads

GA4 Engagement and events report template.

GA4 engagement report

See how users are engaged with your site or app with this GA4 report template. The report will show you the pages with the most user engagement, as well as to understand user behavior and trends through events.

Google Analytics 4

SEO trends and keywords report template.

SEO trends and keywords report

Keep an eye on your SEO and organic traffic performance with this pre-build report template. See what search terms are driving the most traffic, how they are changing over time, see impressions, click through rate and more.

Google Search Console

Google Analytics essential metrics automated report template.

Essential metrics report

This Google Analytics report template shows a high level overview, keeping you informed with visitor trends, advertising performance, revenue and SEO.

Google Analytics

GA4 marketing acquisition report template.

GA4 acquisition report

Stay informed with how you are acquiring new visitors with this Google Analytics 4 report template. The overview will show you where your visitors are coming from, how they are using your site and how engaged they are.

Google Analytics 4

Google Ads performance report template.

Advertising report

This advertising report template shows how your Google Ads are performing. Keeping you up to date with Ad spend, CPC, and campaign performance.

Google Ads

Shopify report template.

Shopify report

Stay in the loop with your Shopify store performance with this pre-built report. See how your sales are trending, which products are performing well - or not, and where your traffic is coming from.


Google Analytics eCommerce report template.

Ecommerce report

This ecommerce overview report will help you understand how your revenue is trending, your most popular products and who your biggest spenders are.

Google Analytics

Facebook Ads - ad spend report template.

Facebook ads report

See how your Facebook ads are performing with this out of the box Facebook report template. See trends in spend, CTR and impressions, which campaigns are converting and more.

Facebook Ads

GA4 retention report template.

GA4 retention report

This GA4 report template shows how you are retaining users on your site, whether they are active after 7 or 28 days later. It also helps you to understand user behavior through the events that users trigger.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics technical performance report template.

Technical issues report

This report template will help you keep on top of the issues effecting your users, see which are your slowest pages, the average server response times and bounce rate changes.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics technical performance report template.

Plausible summary report

See how your Plausible Analytics are performing with this out of the box Plausible summary template. See trends in visits, acquisitions and more.


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