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Our 24/7 early warning system will keep your eCommerce business running at the peak of performance.
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Realtime Alerts

With 24/7 site monitoring you can react quickly to changes

Monitor the metrics you care about including conversion rate, revenue, bounce rate, goals & more. Define custom minimum & maximum thresholds - or let our AI do it for you. When metrics go outside this threshold receive an alert in Slack, MS Teams or by email.

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Alerts for Google Analytics
Monitor key metrics, such as:
Google Analytics alert for revenue decreased
Website Revenue
Google Analytics alert for number of sales
eCommerce Sales
Google Analytics alert for conversion rate decreased
Conversion Rate
Google Analytics alert for page load speed increased
Page Load Speed
Google Analytics alert for new sign ups increased
Goals & events
Google Analytics alert for bounce rate increased
Bounce Rate
Google Analytics alert for sessions on homepage decreased
Session Times
Google Analytics alert for ad cost per click
Adverts Costs Per Click
Reports for Google Analytics


Keep your team informed with daily & weekly reports

Customize reports with key information about your eCommerce business such as how revenue has performed this week compared to the week before. Reports are pushed to your team to the tools they already use : Slack, MSTeams & Email.

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Marketing performance

See which channels are bringing you the most traffic, what your most popular pages are & how your email campaigns are running compared to last week.

Sales & revenue

See how your sales & revenue went last week, what were your top performing products, how your conversion rate has changed over time & more.

Overall website performance

A simple quick summary of how your websites key metrics are performing.

Goal & event performance

See a summary of how all your goals and events are performing. Compare progress to last month or last year.

Advertising performance

Get an update on which campaigns are running well, and which ones might need work. See impressions, CPC, CTR & more.

Technical performance

Keep an eye on your bounce rate, page load speed slowest pages & server response time.

Easy to setup

Connect your datasource

Choose where to receive reports & alerts

Slack + Teams + Email

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Automated data insights, keeping you closer to your business

Say goodbye to manual reporting

Automate sending the data that matters to you & your stake holders. To Slack, Teams and Email

Get alerted at the first sign of trouble

Our 24/7 monitoring will let you know if something is heading off track before your team even spot it

Consolidate your data

Forget checking multiple platforms. Support for GA4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Search console and more.

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Just add your datasources and we’ll handle the rest

Slack + Teams + Email