Your business is complicated,
your data shouldn’t be.

Monitor the health of your business 24 hours a day. Get alerts when your metrics go outside normal thresholds. Get scheduled reports sent to Slack, MsTeams and Email.
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Slack + Teams + Email

Google Analytics site monitoring and alerts
Google Ads reports for your marketing ads and spend
Google Analytics report to show your site performance

What our 7000+ users love

Alerts for site and ad problems
Saves you money.
Find out about site issues before they cost your business
Reports to keep up with metrics
Saves you time.
Once setup you won't need to keep visiting Google Analytics.
Easy to get set up
Easy to get going.
Point & click setup, it just takes a few minutes

Scheduled Reports

Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports to keep you and your team informed

Direct integrations with Slack, MsTeams & Email.
Build & customize your report exactly to your teams needs. Here are some examples:

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AI Alerts

With 24/7 site monitoring you can react quickly to changes

Monitor the metrics you care about including your bounce rate, goals, sales, ad spend, page load time & more. Define custom minimum & maximum thresholds - or let our AI do it for you. When metrics go outside this threshold receive an alert in Slack, MS Teams or by email.

See how alerts work
Alerts for Google Analytics

Live Status

Business Health Dashboard

  1. Get an instant snapshot into the health of your organization.

  2. A single dashboard to monitor multiple websites and teams.

  3. Metric breakdowns indicate where action is needed.

Website metric monitoring live status
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