Security & Privacy

We understand the importance of keeping your business data secure and private, that’s why all our systems are built with security by design.

We do not store your data

We do not store your data

Each time your Google Analytics metrics need to be accessed your data is accessed only at that time and is not stored in our system. Some images of graphs are saved for 7 days to allow you to see the data historically for a short period of time, images are deleted after 7 days.

We will not sell your data

We will not sell your data

Our product is used by a diverse array of companies, from early stage startups to international banks. These businesses trust us to keep their individual data private and without that trust we would not be able to function as a business. Our passion is not in selling data, but in helping businesses to grow and maintain healthy websites.

Delete your account when you need

Delete your account

If you decide GA-Insights is no longer useful for you, it is easy to delete your account. When you do this GA-Insight's access to your Google Analytics account will be revoked & any other data such as saved channels are also deleted. We retain a list of email addresses of deleted accounts solely to ensure trials cannot be continuously restarted.

We use modern security protocols

Modern security protocols

Feel confident knowing that your data is encrypted at Rest and our systems leverage the cloud which helps us defend against attacks.

We use SSL encryption

SSL encryption

GA-Insights uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to keep your data safe and private. This is a security technology which establishes an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Built with Azure

Built on Azure

Azure is a highly trusted cloud hosting platform built by Microsoft. Many organisations with sensitive data trust Azure such as the CIA.

Trusted by companies big and small